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6) Darrell Kuwabara 
Waterloo Location
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I had the chance to see Brass Union a few times at our high school in Preston, Ontario. The experience stayed with me. Great showmanship and musicianship delivered with tremendous energy.
5) Reg Denis 
Hamilton Location
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I have been a fulltime musician all my life, I have many fond memories of having toured and recorded with John Hannah as we attended St. Rapheals Catholic school in Burlington together. Our mutual friend Gerry Michaud (AKA Peachy"), and I have some great stories and history pertaining to our elementary school days.I first saw John play while he was in a band called The Midnight Hour, we were around 14 yrs. old then. As far as I know the only recording of John singing lead vocals is on a tune I wrote called Bye Bye which was produced by Ian Thomas, Ian commented that John had perfect meter. I also attended M.M.Robinson High where I met and befriended Terry Bramhall, who I still keep in touch with regularly to this day. Terry is a close friend and a wonderful man, a consistantly good bass player who I respect musically as well as a fine, honest and very professional person. I also had the pleasure of sitting in with John Willett and Powerhouse around 2010 at SBB, who a wonderful man who I also respect dearly. My band CRACKERS will always be friends with the Brass Union guys and I wish them all the best.
Love you guys!
4) Gerry Michaud 
Burlington Location
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Monday, August 5, 2013 08:54 PM Write a comment Permalink

The memories are endless and I don't know what growing up would have been like without these wonderful lads... God bless Humble and John, two brothers lost way too soon.
3) Mary-Ellen Richardson 
Burlington Location
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Great new site. So many fond memories.
2) Nick Mattiacci 
Canada Location
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Monday, August 5, 2013 05:32 PM Write a comment Permalink

HI Don like the new look.
1) Debi 
Hamilton Location
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Thursday, August 1, 2013 01:13 PM Write a comment Permalink

Just checking in!
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