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35) Blayne Willett 
Stoney Creek (Hamilton) Location
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Friday, July 1, 2016 12:33 AM

June 30 2016 at a party this evening and talking about great music from the 60's and I told about this band my wife and I watched on Friday nights at the Serbian Hall on Barton Street in Hamilton. We knew them as The Brass Union and a friend at the party brought up this web site. I was in awe. Wait till I show my wife this site in the morning. We will be married 50 years on Oct 6 2016 and we often mention the music we loved that we knew as the Brass Union. What also came as a surprise is that we never new John Willett as we share the same family history. Hard to believe. They were just so amazing and we often wondered where they ended up and now we know. Thank you for this web site, it will be a favourite for sure.

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