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And that's the story of the Hamilton/Burlington band, the Brass Union.  The band was in existence for 5 1/2 years, from Christmas 1966 until April 1972 and totalled twenty-six musicians, road crew and managers throughout its history.  They played everywhere from Detroit, MIchigan to Thunder Bay, Ontario to Quebec City, P.Q. to generally packed and very appreciative audiences.  Many have commented that the band was 'ahead of its time' with their full horn section, attention to professionalism, staging, effects, wardrobe and their own rock opera, 'the Fairytale'.  That may be true, but one thing is for sure – now, nearly forty years after the band's last show, researching this story has shown that they still remain very fondly remembered by band members, friends and fans alike. THE END                                                                                  July 30, 2013
John Hannah(Bonar) ~ Drums ~ March 8, 1951 - May 7, 1989 Peter Humes(Humble) ~ Lights/Security ~ 1956 - October 22, 2007 John Willett ~ Trumpet ~ June 16, 1950 - September  22, 2013 Don Berryman(Diamond Don) ~ October 1, 1950 - May 12, 2017