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From Friends and Family Occasionally, we’ll get things sent to us from past band members that we received too late to include in our stories.  Or friends of the band will send us some long ago treasures that they’ve come across while rummaging through dust-laden boxes deep in their attic.  This is the area of our website that we’ll use to post these items.  And we encourage anyone who’s reading this part of our website, that if they have any memories of the past, memorabilia or things pertaining to the Brass Union band that they feel others might want to see, to forward them to us so we can post them here.  Our contact information is on our band contact page and can be found HERE.
Our first submission comes to us from the band’s first drummer, Dave Balan.  We received these photos after we had already completed our pictorials on these particular years.  To the left is the Brass Union performing at Aldershot High School in 1967.  The band was a 7-piece unit at the time with members, from left to right:  Cliff Hunt and Bill Magee on trumpets, Vuk Kovinich on lead guitar and vocals, Dave Baylis on bass guitar, Bruce Wilson on rhythm guitar, Paul Scott on trombone and Darrell Nameth on saxophone.  Hidden in the back behind Vuk and Dave Baylis is band drummer, Dave Balan.
To right is the band performing in the same Aldershot High School gymnasium one year later in 1968.  Band members at this time were, from left to right:  Mike Lansbury on lead vocals, Dave Baylis on bass guitar, Bruce Wilson on rhythm guitar, lead guitarist Len Blum taking a turn singing, Dave Balan in the back on drums, Cliff Hunt on trumpet, Darrell Nameth on saxophone, Bill Magee on trumpet and Paul Scott on trombone.
The next submission, to the left, was sent to us by Terry Bramhall, the band’s third bass guitarist.  We’re not sure of the venue, but it was undoubtedly one of the Burlington High Schools and we believe the year was 1969.  Here, Dave Thrasher had replaced Mike Lansbury as the band’s lead vocalist -- shown standing in the front centre.  To the far right, Paul Goodrow had replaced Paul Scott on trombone, and Mike Thornton was now the band’s bass guitarist, replacing Dave Baylis.
... there will, no doubt, be more to come.
From Stephen Booth:  The two pictures to the left are of John Hannah playing with the ‘Crackers’ band at the Orient Express in Burlington in 1981. And the two pictures below are sent to us by Reg Denis of the ‘Crackers’ band, with John playing with the same band when they opened for ‘Nazareth’ at Mohawk College in 1984.  In the picture to the bottom left, from left to right are John Hannah, Mike Almas on guitar and Patti Warden on bass guitar.
It is probably fitting, at this time, to add the above mp3 to this website.  “Harbour Rescue Mission” was one of the band’s dozen or so ‘originals’, written by Richard Clark of Hamilton and recorded in 1970 or 1971 -- we are unsure of the location.  On lead vocal is John Hannah.
‘’Harbour Rescue Mission’ -- The Brass Union