Back Row (standing), left to right:  Dave Baylis, Dave Balan, Darrell Nameth Seated, left to right:  Mike Lansbury, Cliff Hunt Front, left to right: Len Blum, Bill Magee, Bruce Wilson, Paul Scott 1967 1968 Clockwise from left centre:  Mike Lansbury, Cliff Hunt, Dave Baylis, John Willett, Bruce Wilson, Paul Scott, Darrell Nameth, Dave Balan and Len Blum The Brass Union was a Hamilton/Burlington, Canada-based rock/horn band which played from 1966-1972.  They achieved local success traveling as far east as Quebec City, Canada, as far west as Detroit, Michigan and to the north, as far as Thunder Bay, Ontario.  They were a typical late 60’s horn band, carrying four horn players and four, and later five rhythm players.  They had a full road crew, trucks, lighting and sound show.  They began as a ‘cover’ band and as the years passed, added their own original songs to the show.  Their final accomplishment was the creation of their own hour-long ‘rock opera’, self-contained, complete with musical score, acting, costumes, lighting and other special effects.  The buttons to the left are direct links to the history of the different years and events of this band.  I hope you enjoy the story of the Brass Union, a band that forty years later, still stays well-remembered by all those who knew them.
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1970 Clockwise from top left:  John Willett, Bruce Wilson, John Hannah, Darrell Nameth, Don Berryman, David Thrasher, Len Blum, Terry Bramhall and Cliff Hunt 1972 Left to right:  John Hannah, Terry Bramhall, John Willett, Bruce Ley, Cliff Hunt, Len Blum, Don Berryman, Darrell Nameth and Bruce Wilson
The Brass Union single Above:  Side A, ‘It Won’t Be Long’ Below:  Side B, ‘Restaurant Encounter Released in 1970
Down By the River
Steamroller Blues
Little Darlin’
Recorded live: Summer 1971 McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Welcome to the new home of The BRASS UNION
The BRASS UNION Chicago Medley recorded live: Summer 1971 McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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